Introducing the digital wallet for bitcoin economics.

Darkwallet is an open source bitcoin wallet that provides a solid foundation of well designed asynchronous code for scalability.

Download Darkwallet Alpha 8 (version 0.8.0)

Remember: this is only a alpha preview. Do not expect stable software yet. Right now it is only available for Chrome/Chromium browsers.

IMPORTANT The wallet is Not Stable or Safe, and at this point you should use it with real money only at Your Own Risk.

You can use it with testnet coins so it's safe to test like that though. Choose testnet network when creating the identity.

Download link:

Download from github

Alpha 8 notes


Known Issues


If you are updating check here.

  • Download ZIP.
  • Unpack the ZIP file.
  • Navigate to "chrome://extensions" in your browser.
  • Enable Developer Mode.
  • Click "Load unpacked extension" and select the unzipped folder.
  • DarkWallet is installed!

  • Firefox addon will be released soon.


    The Bitcoin Power Wallet.

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    Dear community, Richard ‘Avantopia’ Kowalski squatted We have no way to reach him. He never replied us on Google+, Bitcointalks and other inbox such as If you can get any information to help us to reclaim, please contact us on Twitter @TheDarkwallet.

    Our friends from Chip Chap allow you to withdraw cash directly through Darkwallet (Alpha 8 required).

    Cash out with Chip Chap

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