Crypto Engine

Important Announcement: In February 2021 DarkWallet is getting acquired by Crypto Engine.

Crypto Engine is the destination for your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and crypto trading needs. By signing up, you have the perfect Launchpad in cryptocurrency trading, and can begin earning real profits within 24 hours of registration. Bitcoin, and the crypto market at large, is on the cusp of the next wave of expansion.

Why Join?

With Crypto Engine, you have the right partner on your way to financial freedom. The journey begins now!

Traders are raving, and the crypto scene is mature enough. If you prepare now by registering with our crypto trading engine, there is little doubt you will join the millionaires club when the dust settles.

Crypto Engine is equally prepared by customizing an easy to use live trading platform, where regardless of your trading experience, you will still make money.

And here is the cool thing, you won’t have to research and carry out technical analysis and other logistics! Crypto Engine is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform designed for traders for ambitious traders like you. Those who want to make money! So, what are you waiting for? Join today and make this happen.

This is what traders from all over the world say:

Lucas from South Africa: “Crypto Engine surpassed my expectations. I never expected crypto trading to be this easy and fast.”

William from Australia: “Signals came in thick and fast. From my initial $250 investment, which was doubled in two weeks, I have grown my investment to $1,000 without breaking a sweat.”

Olivia from New Zealand: “What I like most about Crypto Engine is their high-quality customer support. Right after submitting my deals, their polite customer care agents called and took me through the paces. I began trading 24 hours later.”

Wendy from Wales: “Never imagined crypto trading was this profitable. I had no prior experience in crypto but can now confidently say I’m reaping big benefits from the crypto boom.”

Cooper from France: “Crypto Engine fits my trading needs like a glove. Trades were placed instantaneously and just as set. Their fee structure is so transparent and their spreads are low. Highly recommended.”

Samuel from South Africa: “I no longer have to stay all day tracking price action in front of my computer. Automating trading of cryptocurrencies has been a breather!”

Zahra from England: “Crypto Engine is exactly what a trader needs in a fast-moving trading world. Looking to rapidly increase your investment? This is the platform for you.”

Mike from Australia: “A mate of mine first recommended Crypto Engine. I was doubtful at first but with what’s on offer for busy people who still want to make money? Crypto Engine simply blows me away.”

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Steps to start trading

Joining is effortless!

With how crypto has evolved in the last few years to boast of a multi-billion-dollar market cap, the growth of Bitcoin bears similarities with the growth of the Automobile industry in the early parts of the 20th century.

Many regrettably missed the Bitcoin rally of 2017. This could be a fresh chance to strike gold. The path towards your financial freedom has been laid out. You don’t need to be a market or finance guru to observe the trends. Join Crypto Engine today and your financial future won’t be the same again.

This is how you fortify your future finances through cryptocurrency trading:

Step 1

First, sign up by submitting your email address, the first and last names, and your phone number. After pressing the registration button, it will only take a few minutes before you begin making money from cryptocurrency trading.

Step 2

Second, invest. And you don’t have to start big. Taking you through the motions will be our representative who will guide you and tell you exactly what’s needed before you invest in cryptocurrencies and make passive income through automation. The cool thing is that not $10,000, $1,000, or $500 is needed to prime your account but just $250 (the minimum amount) is needed to get started.

Step 3

Finally, you can begin trading. After you deposit, you can begin trading any of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum.


I’m new to trading; how much will I make after a month?

Trading is about accuracy and timing. To optimize your profitability, we are deploying rigorously tested methods in our trading platform. While you can begin making money right from the onset, there are several variables that will determine the level of your success. With Crypto Engine you merely have a tool, a vehicle. Nonetheless, the level of success will largely depend on how strategic you are in your moves. The more accurately you time the market and ride a rally, for instance, the higher your profitability. Also, the higher the investment amounts, the more you can earn as profits.

Do you charge commission or broker fees?

No. We remain transparent in our operations and the only fees that apply are spreads—which are relatively low as well. Commission or broker fees aren’t charged and won’t in the foreseeable future.

Can crypto trading make me rich?

Yes. There is no limitation to your potential. Crypto Engine makes trading easier by providing necessary tools, required accelerants needed for your success. The road to your financial freedom is even clearer and paved whenever there is automation since it rids emotions—a big hindrance to success for beginner traders.

Is Crypto Engine safe?

The safety of our client’s assets is a top priority. Safety tags confidence which means a trader can at any time make calls without doubts. Towards this goal, your passwords and official communications are encrypted. Besides, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin exist only in the digital realm. We have lifted this weight away by allowing our clients to profit from these coins’ price movements without owning the underlying. Clients can also enable 2FA for added security.

Will it cost me to use Crypto Engine?

No. Getting started is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Once complete, all you have to do is invest a minimum of $250 and start making money. At no time will Crypto Engine require you to pay extra for any service.

Is automating crypto trading legal?

Yes. And it gets better. Not only is automating your Bitcoin and crypto trading welcomed but it is beneficial especially in the comparatively thinner markets. Although we have taken great steps to build liquid markets marked with low spreads and no commissions, automating crypto trading through bots gives a trader the much needed edge in a market known for its volatility. Notably, only but a few trading platforms support trading bots.

I’m doubtful whether crypto trading bots really make me money?

Perhaps the cool thing about trading robots is their ability to trade exactly as coded but faster and more efficiently than manual trading. There are no emotions attached (unlike manual trading). A combination of logic, speed, and timeliness means a finely tuned trading bot should make money over the long haul. Note this though, not all trading bots make money. Before deploying a crypto trading bot, it is highly advisable to rigorously back-testing the underpinning strategy.

Can I make my investment in crypto?

Unfortunately, No. At the moment, given the diverse nature of our clients (over 100,000 registered so far and counting), we decided to currently accept investment deposits in USD but we in the future will accept investments in Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies

Do you support stock, Forex, and Precious metals trading?

Presently, the only assets available for traders are cryptocurrencies. For variety and diversity, there are over 20 pairs a trader can choose from and make money every day of the week. Precious metals, FX, or Stock CFD trading are currently not supported.

Why do I need to submit my phone number during registration?

The phone number submitted is required for one thing and one thing only: for enhancement of our customer care services and to personalize your experience with Crypto Engine. All details shared won’t be shared with third parties.

Crypto Engine Advantages

There is confidence when trading on a platform that has tailored its services to cater to all traders. This platform’s safety and flexibility are crucial in cryptocurrencies, a space rife with scams and hacks, and such gimmicks. Every asset that’s listed at Crypto Engine has been vetted and determined to be honest in their operations.

All cryptocurrencies available for trading are also decentralized. They promise high rewards with low risk. Besides, there is neither commission on trades nor broker fees when trading.

Crypto Engine only charges low spreads for trades posted. We keep it low to improve your chances of making money during this Bitcoin and crypto boom.

After all, why wait when you can begin making money right off the bat?

At Crypto Engine, you can trade the following cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin: the world’s most popular digital asset with deep liquidity. Billionaires are flocking and want a piece of this network’s currency, driving demand. BTC has a market cap of $177 billion.

Ethereum: The platform that ushered smart contracting and decentralized applications. Through this project, there is DeFi (ETH locked is over $3.3 billion). The project has a market cap of $32 billion.

Ripple (XRP): The parent company Ripple is planning for an IPO and is valued at over $10 billion. However, the coin that you will trade on a daily basis has a market cap of slightly over $9 billion.

Litecoin (LTC): This coin moves like Bitcoin, and if BTC is gold, LTC is its silver. Litecoin supplements Bitcoin and has a market capitalization of $3.1 billion. Crypto Engine experienced traders say whenever the Bitcoin price goes, LTC follows closely behind.

What Crypto Engine guarantees is speed, low fees, security, and liquidity (a combination that’s so hard to come across in crypto circles).